These are the 5 Best Dressers Under $200

These are the 5 Best Dressers Under $200 to meet your budget.

Best Dressers Under $200

A dresser helps in many ways than you realize, sure it is the best way to keep your clothes organized but it can be used as a decor item as well.

There are plenty of dressers available in various colors and styles that will help your bedroom elevate its charm, but the problem is they cost way more than regular dressers which helps the same way.

So to get you the best dressers under 200 we have prepared a list that you can skim through to find a suitable dresser for yourself. From a White dresser to a Horizontal dresser the list is all you need.

The 5 Best Dressers Under $200

Check out these lists to find the best dressers under $200

  • Best Overall: Walker Edison Tall Wood Dresser (Click Here)
  • Best Affordable: Storkcraft Brookside 3 Drawer Chest, (Click Here)
  • White dresser under $200: BOLUO White Dresser for Bedroom (Click Here)
  • 6 drawer dresser under $200: HOSEOKA 6 Drawer Dresser (Click Here)
  • Horizontal dresser under $200: Anmytek Modern 3 Drawer Dresser (Click Here)

1) Walker Edison Tall Wood 4 Drawer Dresser

These are the 5 Best Dressers Under $200

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Key Specs

  • Dimensions: 30″D x 16″W x 40″H
  • Material: Wood
  • Color: Caramel

Best dresser under $200, the Walker Edison tall wood dresser features 4 drawers creating an ideal spot for storing all your clothing in the bedroom.

It is made from renewable forest wood harvested solid pine. As it is made up of wood it’s durable and strong and it can support up to 50 lbs.’

Four drawers provide ample space for your essential items while you can decorate the top of the surface with jewelry and plants.

The tapered legs of dressers give them a mid-century modern look, making them a stunning addition to your bedroom. The caramel color will blend into any room adding a plethora of styles.

If you need to stick to a budget and find the perfect dresser under 200 then Walker Edison is the best choice.

2. Storkcraft Brookside 3 Drawer Chest

These are the 5 Best Dressers Under $200

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Key Specs

  • Dimensions: 31.5 x 16.73 x 33.42 inches
  • Material: Wood
  • Color: Pebble Gray

Storkcraft Brookside is a great dresser in an affordable range. Coming with a universal design it will make a perfect match for a nursery or kid’s room. The dresser is made of wood and laminated for durability.

It has easy to clean coated surface that will easily remove any stains and always keep it clean and new. Plus, the dresser includes euro drawer glides which help in the easy movement for closing and opening drawers.

Available in different colors you don’t need to worry about decor style. 3 Spacious drawers are excellent for storing anything from baby clothing to toys and crafts. The dresser is perfect for the nursery but you can even use it for the bedroom, closet, or as a couples dresser. In an affordable range, this dresser is the best choice.

3. BOLUO White Dresser

These are the 5 Best Dressers Under $200

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Key Specs

  • Dimensions: 23.6 x 15.7 x 39 inches
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: White

A white dresser under $200 to meet your decor need. White is probably the only color that will match any kind of decor style. Whether you are looking for something for a Mid-century style or a modern style white is the way to go. And this Boluo white dresser will be a great addition to your bedroom.

The dresser contains 6 drawers made of high-quality fabrics, a wooden front, and a wooden handle that is convenient and beautiful. The dresser top comes with a wooden water-resistant and particleboard front that ensures stable support. Plus, it features a high-quality steel frame and is easy to slide in and out of drawers.

Coming with smaller dimensions you can place it anywhere from the closet, bedroom, or living room. A manual instruction with necessary hardware is included for hassle-free assembly.

4. HOSEOKA 6 Drawer Dresser

These are the 5 Best Dressers Under $200

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Key Specs

  • Dimensions: 11.8 x 31.9 x 32.7 inches
  • Material: Engineered Wood
  • Color: Coffee

Best 6 Drawer Dresser under $200 to meet your storage need. The dresser comes with 6 large drawers and 2 shelves. Six drawers have ample space for you to store your clothes and other belongings. The shelves are perfect for storing books, lamps, and other decorations.

Suitable especially for bedroom, living room and small space. The dresser is designed to provide more storage without taking up a lot of space. Whether you want to place it in the bedroom as a closet or living room as a storage shelf, it’s a perfect addition to your room.

For the decor style, you can rest assured, as it comes with rustic color and wood texture that will help create an aesthetic look for your room.

As for the assembly, the dresser comes with all the necessary hardware and tools. Plus, a manual to help you set up the dresser hassle-free.

5. Anmytek Modern 3 Drawer Chest Dresser

These are the 5 Best Dressers Under $200

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Key Specs

  • Dimensions: 31.1 x 15.7 x 30.7 inches
  • Material: Engineered Wood, Wood, Oak, Metal
  • Color: Gold

Last but not least, a horizontal dresser is under $200 for those who need a perfect dresser for their bedroom. Crafted from engineered wood, the dressers promise stability and durability.

The 3 Large Drawers are perfect for organizing clothes, make-up, and other stuff. You can decorate the top of the dresser with books and lamps.

Its simple yet elegant design will complement any room in your house. Its design gives a vintage look to your room. Plus, it’s perfectly sized for the living room, bedroom, or hallway.

You can use it for years as it won’t be damp or deformed like normal wood. And you also get manual and detailed instructions for easy assembly.

Buying Guide For Dressers Under 200

It’s Real hard to find a quality product with such a tiny budget. But it doesn’t mean you should opt for cheap & low-quality products. Therefore we have listed some affordable and durable dressers that are under $200.

If you want a really good insight for dressers on a budget then consider these features to purchase dressers that appeal most to you.


The first feature you need to take under consideration is Size. You first need to measure the space available for the dresser. Take a look at the size mentioned on the package.

Though Big dressers can be used to store more items, it relatively takes up more space. So it is better to check space availability before placing an order.


For clothing purposes, 3-drawer chests are best whereas, if you plan to use dressers for other stuff as well then you can opt for 6 Drawers dressers that will allow ample space for every item.

Remember more drawers mean more space you will require to place them. If you got a big space then you choose the horizontal dressers.


Dressers are usually made up of wood, that is strong and durable. But there are other materials available as well. Some chests are made up of MDF boards that are less durable compared to wood.

We recommend either a wood chest or a metal one that will provide sturdiness and durability for long use. Also, try to get a dresser that’ll suit your decor style.


For the best dresser under $200, our top pick is Walker Edison Tall Dresser which offers 4 spacious drawers with minimum floor space. The dresser comes with a caramel color that’ll blend into any room giving a charming look.

If you need something white for a bedroom then you’ll love Boluo white dresser. One of the few dressers that goes with any decor style while offering ample storage space.

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