5 Best Dressers Under $500 (CHEAP Dresser You CAN’T Miss)

Best Dressers Under $500 That won’t cut your budget.

A dresser can be a huge help and can change your room to look complete. It not only helps with the decor but also increases your storage capacity.

But it’s not easy to find a good dresser under $500, so to save you some time we have compiled a list of 5 Best Dressers under $500 that will help your room get a new look.

The 5 Best Dressers Under $500

If you have set the budget, then check out below to find the ideal dresser. From Budget-friendly to a Small room dresser you will get the perfect one for yourself.

  • Best Overall: Prepac Sonoma 6-Drawer Chest (Click Here)
  • Best Budget: Max & Lily Modern 3-Drawer Dresser (Click Here)
  • Best Dressers Under $300: Storkcraft Brookside 6 Drawer Dresser,  (Click Here)
  • Best Dressers For Small Space: Rolanstar 4 Drawer Dresser (Click Here)
  • Best Dressers Under $200: Prepac Salt Spring 6 Drawer Dresser (Click Here)

1. Prepac Sonoma 6-Drawer Chest

5 Best Dressers Under $500 (CHEAP Dresser You CAN'T Miss)
  • Dimensions: 16 x 59x 29 inches
  • Size: 6 Drawer
  • Material: Wood

The First Dresser on your list is Sonoma 6 Drawers, Dresser. The dresser features 6 drawers that have ample room for storing all the clothes and valuables. It is available in multiple colors that will provide your room with a new view.

The dresser is a combination of both style and functionality. Its simple yet elegant design will complement any decor. You can be creative and display a mirror or any other decor on top of the dressers to turn it into a bedroom showpiece.

If you want a dresser under $500 then you can go with a Sonoma drawer dresser.

2. Max & Lily Modern 3-Drawer Dresser

5 Best Dressers Under $500 (CHEAP Dresser You CAN'T Miss)

Give a new look to your bedroom with these modern farmhouse 3 Drawer Dresser. Max and Lily Modern Dresser are made with solid wood and metal drawer glides.

The frame is crafted from pine wood and finished with low VOC that provides a perfect combination of strength and durability. This dresser is available in five and six-drawer options if you need more space for your clothing.

The dresser is good if you need it for a nursery or as a bedroom dresser. You can even use it as a nightstand. Be creative and decorate the top of the dresser with books and plants.

3. Storkcraft Brookside 6 Drawer Dresser

5 Best Dressers Under $500 (CHEAP Dresser You CAN'T Miss)
  • Dimesnison: ‎16.73 x 53.35 x 33.43 inches
  • Size: 6 Drawer
  • Material: Engineered Wood

Storkcraft is one of the most popular furniture-making companies. And this bedroom dresser is the best dresser under 300 if you are looking for something within the budget.

Made with good-quality Engineered wood it ensures strength and durability. The drawer handles feature a nickel finish giving an elegant look.

The dressers come with 6 drawers that help in organizing clothes & accessories and still leave you with ample space. The drawer is equipped with smart glide technology that can be used for opening & closing drawers easily.

4. Rolanstar 4 Drawer Dresser 

5 Best Dressers Under $500 (CHEAP Dresser You CAN'T Miss)
  • Dimensions: ‎15.15 x 23.62 x 34.05 inches
  • Size: 6 Drawer
  • Material: Wood & Metal

Rolanstar 4 Drawer Dresser will be a great addition to a small space. The Rolanstar dresser is built with wood and metal and it has 4 drawers and legs which provide great stability and durability.

4 Spacious Drawers are designed to give large storage space to organize your outfit. It has premium metal rails and ergonomic handles that are easy to open and close.

This is a multipurpose dresser that can be used in closets, in a nursery or in offices. Plus, it comes with a clear and detailed manual, parts, and tools which help in the assembly process.

This is a perfect dresser for a small room that has little to no room space.

5. Prepac Salt Spring 6 Drawer Dresser

5 Best Dressers Under $500 (CHEAP Dresser You CAN'T Miss)
  • Dimensions:16 x 61 x 29 inches
  • Size:5 & 6 Drawer
  • Material: Wood

Prepac Salt Spring Dresser is one of the best dressers under $200. Featuring a 6 Drawer it has plenty of room for clothing and other bedroom accessories.

The drawers were built large enough for giving ample space for all the items. You can decorate the dressers by placing plants and lamps on top of the dresser.

The dresser is made with non-toxic high-quality woods and finished in drift gray laminate. Simple yet stunning gray laminate will add a coastal touch to your room.

Perfect for if you don’t want to spend more than $200 and still get perfect dressers for your room.

Buying Guide for Dressers under $500

Before you make a purchase you can consider these points to get the best dressers for yourself. While buying the dressers make sure that they meet all the features.


One of the important things to consider while purchasing Dressers is Size. You have to make sure that the dresser is not big enough to take up all the space in your room or small enough that you can’t store all your belongings.

You should measure the area where you want to place your dresser before making a purchase. And then find an ideal dresser that will help organize things.


If you want a perfect dresser that will help you stay organized make sure to shop for a dresser with three or more drawers. More drawers mean more space that will help you stay organized.

Many dressers provide large and small drawer options, which let you store clothes and other accessories. For a bedroom, you can go with fewer drawers but for nursey make sure to choose a dresser with more drawers.


As you are spending tons of money on a dresser make sure to find one that will provide value for money. Usually, all dressers are durable and last long, it is recommended to go with the perfect one.


In the list of Best Dressers Under $500, Prepac Sonoma 6-Drawer Chest takes the top position. As it provides great functionality with style. The dresser is built to blend in with any home style. Plus, the 6 Spacious Drawers are perfect for storing anything from clothes to heavy accessories.

Whereas, if you need something for a small apartment then we have a Rolanstar dresser that is particularly built for small spaces. It provides ample storage in the small room. You can even use it for closet and office use.

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