The 5 Best Outdoor Poufs of 2022 (You CAN’T Miss)

What’s more relaxing than enjoying the sun in winter in your backyard? But you don’t get comfortable on outdoor furniture, sometimes it can be unbearable.

So, why not switch to some of the best outdoor poufs? Poufs are not only designed for indoor use, there are many poufs that can be used for indoor and outdoor purposes.

Adding an outdoor pouf to your yard will be a good rather relaxing on your rigid chair. There are many factors you must put into consideration before buying an outdoor pouf.

It should be water-resistant and some kind of resistant to sun rays so it doesn’t fade away over time. Below we have listed some of the best Outdoor Poufs and a buying guide to help you find the Best Pouf.

Best Outdoor Poufs

  1. Hand Woven Indoor/Outdoor Polyester Pouf
  2. Anji Mountain Square Pouf
  3. Hofdeco Inflatable Indoor Outdoor Pouf
  4. Christopher Knight Outdoor Fabric Pouf
  5. MOTINI Hand Knit Boho Pouf

1) Hand Woven Indoor/Outdoor Polyester Pouf

The 5 Best Outdoor Poufs of 2022 (You CAN'T Miss)

Hand Woven Pouf is made up of Polyester and stitched to shape well. Its filling consists of polystyrene beads. It can be a perfect pouf for outdoor as well as for indoor purposes. This pouf comes with a zipper closure, which will make washing simpler.

You can even clean it with a soft-bristle brush or vacuum cleaner. This pouf provides a unique design that offers strong and stable construction too. Try to avoid placing it in direct sunlight.

2) Anji Mountain Square Pouf

The 5 Best Outdoor Poufs of 2022 (You CAN'T Miss)

This outdoor pouf provides an easy and durable complement to any seating arrangement. With its large diameter, it’s easy to sit on and assures total comfort. You can use it as a chair or footrest. With a vibrant color and unique design, it would be an excellent addition to your yard.

3) Hofdeco Inflatable Indoor Outdoor Pouf

The 5 Best Outdoor Poufs of 2022 (You CAN'T Miss)

Add a little character to your front porch or patio with this Black White Tropical Leaves Outdoor Inflatable pouf. Hofdeco Inflatable Pouf is a perfect outdoor pouf if you have been looking for one.

With a modern black-white tropical leaves pattern, it would superb addition to your boring backyard. It consists of a handle and zipper to quickly inflate to deflate for storage. It’s designed to maintain its look for a longer period of time. It’s lightweight and has a handle so that you can carry it anywhere.

4) Christopher Knight Outdoor Fabric Pouf

The 5 Best Outdoor Poufs of 2022 (You CAN'T Miss)

A stylish and hand-knitted pouf that will look good with any outdoor decor. It is made up of strong fibers making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. This pouf will help in bringing coziness to your outdoor with its knit weave cover.

You can use it as a footrest or an extra seat in your home. This pouf is designed to bring desired beauty to your place.

5) MONTINI Hand Knit Boho Pouf

The 5 Best Outdoor Poufs of 2022 (You CAN'T Miss)

Whether you are looking to put your feet up or if you just want to seat, this pouf has a variety of functions for you to discover. Featuring a diamond shape design this pouf can offer your indoor space an uplifting atmosphere.

You can clean it easily just with a soft-bristle brush. It measures 17-17 in diameter which is perfect for foot resting. With its beige color, it would look really good with dark-colored walls.

Features To Look For in Poufs

1) Color

Poufs are available in a wide range, especially outdoor poufs. From a wide range of colors to some of the amazing patterns like a leaf, geometric, and much more. Make sure to buy a proper functional pouf that will go with your yard.

2) Handle

If you are planning on buying an outdoor pouf make sure, a pouf is equipped with a handle. As some of the poufs are bulky they are provided with handles to make them more portable. Usually smaller pouf doesn’t have a handle, as there are easy to move.

3) Slipcover

One of the few things to look for in outdoor poufs is a slipcover. some of the poufs have zippered slipcovers so that you can wash them. Slipcovers are mainly machine washable which is a must as they tend to get dirty.

Key Factor

1) Filling

Usually, outdoor poufs are filled with polyester filling. But some are available unfilled so you can choose accordingly. If you are planning to the stuff of your own then polyester beans are a perfect choice as they are lightweight and flexible.

2) Size

The typical pouf is sized between 12-16 inches, but larger poufs can be 36 inches wide as they can be used for different purposes. For outdoor poufs, you can go with larger ones as they provide more spaces for seating and won’t be a hurdle for the space.

3) Shape

A pouf is available in different shapes, such as round, cubic and cylindrical. For outdoor purposes, it is recommended to go with cubic-shaped and large ones. But you can choose a pouf that appeals to you and your backyard.

4) Material

Poufs are made from a range of materials like jute, velvet, etc. It is best to buy a pouf that is weatherproof or has some kind of water-resistant. You can opt for fabric-covered poufs, which are designed for outdoor conditions. They are made from plastic material which tends to provide resistance in outdoor conditions.

Conclusion on Best Outdoor Poufs

As you can see choosing the best outdoor poufs isn’t simple but it isn’t hard either, Consider going through features first before making a purchase.

Although every pouf is made to be functional and useful accordingly you must choose the most appealing one for you.

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