The 7 Best Poufs of 2022 (POUFS You CAN’T Miss)

Every home has chairs and couches for seating, but it is not the only option available for your seating comfort. You can consider using poufs for making your seating more comfortable.

But finding Best Poufs isn’t only checking for colors and comfort, you must consider for what purpose do you want.

Are you looking for the best pouf for the living room or just for reading a book and watching your favorite movies?

You must choose a pouf according to the function you are looking for. A larger one will be good for enjoying tv, whereas a smaller one is for a footrest. To help you find the Best Poufs of 2022, we have put together a list that will meet all our needs.

Best Poufs of 2022

  1. Best Overall: Hand Knitted Macrame Foot Stool Pouf
  2. Best Budget: SIMPLIHOME Naya Cube Pouf
  3. Best Large: Round Wool Blend Kilim Pouf
  4. Best Sitting: Natural Braided Sitting Pouf 
  5. Best Velvet: Home Modern Round Velvet Pouf
  6. Best For Living Room: Chunky Hand-Knit Decorative and Comfortable Pouf
  7. Best Outdoor: Home Lauren Boho Fabric Outdoor Pouf

1) Best Overall: Hand Knitted Macrame Foot Stool Pouf

The 7 Best Poufs of 2022 (POUFS You CAN'T Miss)

With this hand-knitted macrame footstool pouf, you can give your hardwood floors a softer feeling. It is designed with lightweight cotton so that you can easily move from one place to another. Though it’s movable and can be placed anywhere, it is super comfortable.

This pouf is perfect when you need to rest your leg after a long time standing. It can be used as a footrest, seat cushion, or even as a home decor item.

2) Best Budget : SIMPLIHOME Naya Cube Pouf

The 7 Best Poufs of 2022 (POUFS You CAN'T Miss)

This cubic design pouf can be a perfect accent piece for your home. It complements any kind of interior decor and is perfect for creating extra seating or for using as a footrest. It is made from pure jute and the outer design is handmade.

The eye-catching pouf is perfect for your living room. And it comes in a variety of colors, you can choose from varieties of textures and combinations.

3) Best Velvet : Home Modern Round Velvet Pouf

The 7 Best Poufs of 2022 (POUFS You CAN'T Miss)

If you want a luxurious feel, try this velvet pouf. This pouf is a perfect addition to any room in your home. With its soft and stylish design, you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

You can even use it as a serving tray, just flip the cushion over and you have a wood serving tray. Thanks to its elegant design it lends classic beauty while standing up to regular use in your home.

4) Best Outdoor : Home Lauren Boho Fabric Outdoor Pouf

The 7 Best Poufs of 2022 (POUFS You CAN'T Miss)

Looking for the best outdoor pouf? well, home Lauren boho fabric outdoor pouf is an answer. This pouf is made with cotton and polyester and it is created to be incredibly strong and comfortably soft at the same time. This pouf was expertly designed by professionals with their unique methods.

You can easily remove its cover for washing. Featuring numerous colors, this pouf is best for both indoor and outdoor seating.

5) Best Large : Round Wool Blend Kilim Pouf

The 7 Best Poufs of 2022 (POUFS You CAN'T Miss)

This Round Wool Blend Pouf is a classic to touch in any home. Its special design and practical size make it great for floor sitting. You can make your couch or chair more comfortable by adding this pouf as support.

With a size of 20 Diameter, you can be assured to have plenty of place for seating. Though it is a large pouf, it is designed to give your room a traditional and luxurious feel.

6) Best Sitting : Natural Braided Sitting Pouf 

The 7 Best Poufs of 2022 (POUFS You CAN'T Miss)

For a perfect sitting experience, you want to go with something soft and ensure total comfort. You can find a perfect combination of ottomans that is too hard and bean bags that are too soft in this pouf.

Thanks to its jute material and brown color it can be an eye-catching decor in any room. You can use it to add style and comfort to your house. This pouf is excellent for watching tv, playing video games, and much more.

7) Best For Living Room : Chunky Hand-Knit Decorative and Comfortable Pouf

The 7 Best Poufs of 2022 (POUFS You CAN'T Miss)

You can use any of the above poufs for the living room, but if you want something in particular then this hand-knitted decorative pouf is for you. Its textured accent will bring a luxurious touch to your living room.  

You get many options to choose from as this pouf is available in many colors. Due to its lightweight compact design, it can perfectly fit in small areas, so if you have a small living room you can still enjoy its comfort.

How to Choose to Best Pouf?

You should choose the pouf according to the function you are looking for. A pouf is used for many purposes, if you want to enjoy your favorite movie then you can opt for a larger one. In case you’re still confused you can see below to choose a perfect pouf.

1) Size

The size of poufs changes accordingly, there are some larger whereas there are some smaller ones. But typical poufs have an average size of 14-16 in width and height respectively. If you want to enjoy comfortable sitting to watch your favorite movies or just as a side table then you can choose the larger one.

But if you just want to relax your legs and want it as a footrest then you can consider a smaller one.

2) Material

Poufs are available in different materials such as leather, jute, velvet, and many more. It doesn’t matter which one you go with as very pouf are made for comfortable sitting, but if you want it as a decor item as well then you must consider your personal preference.

If you want a soft pouf for sitting then you can choose one made from velvet, whereas if you prefer a durable one then you can choose one made from jute or leather.

3) Shape

One of the few things to look at in a pouf is shape. Pouf comes in different shapes like a round, cubic, cylinder. The shape is a necessary thing to look for, as cubic and cylinder-shaped poufs can be used as side tables and footrests.

Due to their flat surface, they act as multipurpose poufs. If you just want to enjoy sitting pleasure then you can opt for a round-shaped pouf.

Conclusion on Best Poufs

Poufs can be a great help for your home. From footrest to tabletop it’s designed to serve many purposes.

If you are planning to buy one make sure to check the purpose it will serve, no matter how good a pouf is there are multiple options available and you must the best one.

For a living room choose one that matches your home decor for an appealing look, whereas for a comfortable sitting opt for a bigger one. Hope you have found the best pouf for you!

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