10 Blue Foods That You Haven’t Seen Before

You must be wondering about some Blue Foods but only name a few. Because they aren’t many and those found are totally rare.

There are many fruits & vegetables that are naturally blue in color but there are many naturally blue foods as well that you might not be aware of. You must be aware of blueberry but there are many other fruits and vegetables that are blue in color.

From Blue Carrots to Blue Lobster, here are 10 Unique Blue Foods Ideas that you haven’t seen before.

10 Naturally Blue Foods

1. Blueberry

When you think about blue fruits or foods then Blueberry is perhaps the first thing that comes to your mind. Blueberries are perhaps the most well-known blue food in the world.

Rich in antioxidants they are good for your brain health. Blueberry also helps in digestion as it is a good source of fiber. Berries get their color because of the substances called anthocyanins which also provide them with their antioxidant properties.

Blueberry belongs to the citrus fruits family therefore they are also rich in vitamin c, manganese, and copper. In short, Blueberry is a superfood

2. Concord Grapes

One more citrus fruit on the list is Concord Grapes. Available in purple-bluish color concord grapes are also great for health. You can use grapes to make wines and juices but these grapes are best for jams.

Other health benefits of concord grapes are beneficial for the heart, aid in digestive problems, etc. Concord grapes are grown more widely in the US, so if you are an American citizen then you must try it.

3. Blue Lobster

I bet you have rarely seen any “Blue Lobster” in your life because there aren’t many. Native to the Atlantic ocean blue American lobster is one of the varieties of the regular lobster.

Blue color lobsters are very rare and they get their blue color due to genetic mutation. These lobsters are found in one in two million, so if you catch one of this rare make sure to click a photo before cooking it.

4. Elderberries 

Somewhat similar to blueberries, Elderberries are blue and purple in color. Elderberries can help boost your immune system which helps defend against colds and fevers.

Unlike blueberries, elderberries are a little bitter in flavor. They can be used for making wines, jams, and jellies. And you shouldn’t use elderberries until they are fully ripe as they can be toxic until they are fully ripe.

5. Blue Chocolate Tomatoes

You have eaten Chocolate and you have eaten Tomatoes, but have you ever eaten Blue Tomatoes? Weighing around five ounces on average chocolate tomtates are round & thick and juicy.

Blue chocolate tomatoes are available in other varieties such as Blue Beauty, Blue Gold, etc. Blue tomatoes contain the same nutritional properties as red tomatoes.

6. Blue Eggs

Though Blue eggs are not rare they are not available everywhere. Only eight chicken breeds lay blue eggs that which makes it rare. Some of the chicken breeds are Easter eggers, Arkansas blue, Cream Legbars, etc.

Eggs get their blue pigmentation due to their higher level of biliverdin available in the shells. Like white eggs, blue eggs also have the same nutritional value and protein.

7. Blue Fin Tuna

Blue Fin Tuna is another great blue food you can cook. As compared to white fish, blue fish has more fat content and are juicy to eat. And blue fish must be eaten as fresh as possible.

Bluefish that are best to eat are salmon, carp, herring, lamprey, etc. Bluefin tuna are native to the Atlantic and Mediterranean seas. Another name for bluefin tuna is the giant bluefin tuna.

8. Pacifico Mexican Blue Shrimp

One of the best and rare species of shrimp is Mexican Blue Shrimp. Mexican blue shrimp are sweeter in taste as compared to other types of shrimp as the salinity level of Mexico’s pacific coast is less salty where they are mainly found.

Low calorie and high-protein meat of blue shrimp is what makes blue shrimp popular around the globe. Plus, its authentic flavor is worth trying.

9. Blue Cheese

I didn’t know that Blue cheese existed and I bet you didn’t either. Blue cheese is one of the rare blue foods available that have veins running through the cheese.

Blue cheese is also a great source of fat and calories, plus it’s also high in calcium and protein. Blue cheese gets its blue color and its flavor from bacteria.

If you love eating cheese then you must definitely try blue cheese.

10. Adirondack Blue Potato

Yes, potatoes are also available in blue color. The Adirondack blue potato is available in purple-bluish color. It can be cooked like any other ordinary potato Boiled, fried, or mashed.

Adirondack potato also has the substance anthocyanins that give it a blue color. High in fiber Adirondack potato also helps with other ailments as well. You can get this potato in the supermarket or the farmer’s market, it used to be rare to find it but not now.

Blue potatoes are widely available in the fall season so don’t miss it!

Conclusion on List of Blue Foods

Now you may know how many unique Blue Foods exist that you haven’t seen or heard of before.

Plus, these foods are good for your health as they contain healthy vitamins and antioxidants that help boost your health. So if you get your hands on any of those foods then must try them.

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