The 10 Brown Foods You Need To Taste

There are many colors of foods available from Red to Healthy green and some unique blue foods as well, but have you wondered about any Healthy Brown Foods?

Brown foods are not only healthy but also available in light and dark brown colors and they are also very delicious to eat. Plus, they help in fighting obesity and diabetes.

So here are 10 Amazing Brown Foods You Can Include in your Diet.

10 Natural Brown Foods

1. Almonds

First on the list is the superfood Almonds. Naturally brown in color Almonds are healthy nuts. Almonds are loaded with vitamins and minerals that are good for your health and brain.

Like many other nuts, almonds are also high in calories & carbohydrates. It contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium, fiber, fats, and many more. Though high in calories it’s good for obesity.

One study found that consuming almonds thrice a week can reduce the risk of heart rhythm abnormality and reduce risk of heart disease. In short, Almonds are a super Food that you must consume for better health.

2. Brown Rice

Brown Rice is another great brown food filled with nutrition. What differs brown rice from white rice is, it’s composed of whole grains. White rice takes longer to cook compared to non-brown rice as it is not processed.

Though it takes a long time to cook it is rich in calcium, fiber, and other minerals and vitamins. According to WebMD, Brown Rice helps in improving heart health and reducing the risk of diabetes.

Due to its many health benefits, brown rice is one of the most nutritious foods you can eat.

3. Brown Sugar

Many of you might be aware of this brown food but are you aware of some of the health benefits? Brown Sugar is extracted in the same way white sugar does from sugar cane. Going to the same refining process, brown sugar has more nutritional value compared to white sugar.

Brown sugar consists of minerals such as potassium and iron good for the nervous system. Plus, it is also good for your bones as it contains calcium. If you have been using white sugar then you can switch to brown sugar after consulting your doctor.

4. Chocolate

Perhaps the tastiest of brown food on the list. Milk Chocolate is a brown-colored food favorite of everyone. Though it’s not healthy compared to Dark Chocolate it still comes with some benefits.

If you want to eat chocolate it’s recommended to eat dark chocolate as it offers many health benefits. And if you also love dark chocolate as I do here are some Tasty Drak Chocolate Recipes.

5. Cinnamon

One of the most popular spices and Brown color food is cinnamon. It is a sweet spice used in many recipes and beverages. And it also comes with many health benefits.

Cinnamon is rich in antioxidants and it doesn’t contain any other minerals. Cinnamon is widely known spiced and used in many parts of the world, especially in south Asia and India.

Indian use it for making Tea and other recipes, it adds a lovely flavor to the cuisine.

6. Dates

Dates are another perfect addition to the list. Obtained from palm trees, dates are fruits native to the middle east. Besides the middle east, they are also grown in Asia and Mexico.

Dates are great for your body as it contains much nutritional value. By consuming dates regularly you can increase energy in your body. Dates are also rich in minerals such as iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium, etc. Dates are also used as substitutes for sugar.

7. Ginger

Ginger is another spice on the list. Ginger is a popular household food used in many recipes. From cookies, and cakes to different recipes ginger is used in many parts f the world.

Ginger is widely used in Chinese and Indian medicine for centuries. It contains the substance gingerol which is an anti-inflammatory. Ginger also has many health benefits that you must know.

Ginger is mainly used for colds and fevers in India. Tea is made using ginger which helps with colds and fevers.

8. Walnuts

All the nuts present in the world are superfoods filled with rich minerals and vitamins & everyone should consume them and Walnuts are no exception.

Walnuts contain many health benefits that make them a superfood. Walnuts are great for maintaining gut health. It also helps with heart disease and other types of ailments.

By consuming walnuts regularly you can fill your body with many minerals and vitamins essentials for good health.

9. Brown Mushrooms

Mushrooms are perhaps everyone’s favorite and a portion of great food as you can make many dishes with them. You can eat it on pizza or make a recipe, they are best for every cuisine.

Brown Mushrooms are low in calories with no fat. These mushrooms are also high in antioxidants and help in strengthening the immune system. They are also rich in vitamin b and good for the digestive system.

10. Black Chana

Though it’s named Black Chana these legumes are found in light brown color. And they are filled with protein and other nutrients.

These legumes are fed to horses for energy and protein but you can eat them too. Black Chana is a rich source of protein and also aids in weight loss. Plus, they help in boosting the immune system.

Black Chana can be a great alternative to meat for a protein diet and many following a vegan diet enjoy these in their diet. So if you are vegan then you must consider adding this protein-rich food to your diet.

Conclusion on Brown Foods

These are some of the Foods that are brown. Brown fruits and vegetables are healthy and contain many vital minerals that are essential for your body.

Eating these foods can help you be healthy. From healthy almonds to tasty chocolate and mushrooms you can add these foods to your diet.

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