Can a dresser hold a tv? – Tv on top of a dresser

Can a dresser hold a tv? If yes then how should you place it and what measures need to be taken to avoid getting into any kind of trouble.

Every home has a tv and it should be placed where you can enjoy a total experience of high resolution and sound quality. And when you think of it, one of the few places that come you your mind is the top of the dresser.

Sure you got many other places where you can put your tv but you don’t want the top of the dresser to be empty and of no use. 

So to find out how to place a tv on top of a dresser and what measures can be taken to ensure total safety read through the article.

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Can a dresser hold a tv?

A dresser can hold a tv and it’s a safe place for the tv. But make sure, enough measure is taken before safely placing the device. There needs to be enough space and precautions should be taken before placing the tv on top of the dresser.

Though it might look like tthe op of dresser is a good place to put a tv, it is not. According to CBS News, there have been more than 400 death of children just because of furniture tipping.

If you got kids then you might want to consider another place for putting a tv instead of the top of the dresser.

Can I use a dresser as a TV stand?

Yes, you can use a dresser as a tv stand. Many people use a dresser as a tv stand. A dresser provides enough foundation and space for the tv to be placed. Make sure your tv isn’t too heavy for a dresser or else the dresser might collapse.

A recommendation is to get a dresser that’s heavy and can hold enough weight without crumbling. You must know how much weight can your dresser hold before placing anything on it.

Tv on top of a tall dresser

Though a dresser can hold the weight of a regular-size tv it is not wise to place it on a tall dresser. A dresser is good enough for tv but some dressers like a tall one or a small space dresser are just good for storing clothes and valuables, you shouldn’t put a tv on it.

A tall dresser doesn’t provide enough space at the top for a tv to be placed. If you are planning to put the tv on the dresser then, make sure it provides proper space and balance for a tv.

What Are Safer Options to Hold a TV?

It’s always best to opt for any other alternative than getting into trouble. If you want to opt for any other safer option instead of putting your tv on the dresser then you can consider these methods for holding a tv. 

A Wall Mount

If not a tv stand you also opt for a wall mount that will help keep your tv secure. Many prefer a wall mount as a holder for tv. A wall mount is the best option if your kids can get off from tv.

Sturdy TV Stand

A TV Stand is a device used for securely holding a tv and preventing falling off it. You can use a TV stand that is heavy and steady and will prevent the risk of falling off a tv compared to on top of a dresser. Plus, it will help keep the tv off your kids. 

Conclusion on Can a dresser hold a tv?

A dresser is a good option for placing tv on top of it. Though some mistakes might get you in trouble, mistakes can be avoided by opting for the above-mentioned options.

Placing a dresser can be a good idea and can save you much space but it needs to be balanced between safety and functionality.

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