Can you put a Dresser in the Living Room? (3 Things To Consider)

Can you put a dresser in the living room? Is it common to have a dresser in the living room? Find out below:

The living room is perhaps the most important room of your house and people use many decorative things to make the room centerpiece. And adding a dresser will provide a unique look to the living room. But, Can you put a dresser in the living room?

Yes, you can definitely add a dresser in the living room. It will be a perfect addition to your living room. Plus. it can be used for other purposes such as:

  • TV Stand
  • Storage Options
  • Alternative to End Table

To know more about how to incorporate a dresser in the living room and what to display on top of it read through the article.

How to use a Dresser in a Living Room?

If you think of adding a dresser to the living room might be a bad idea then you might want to think twice because nowadays many prefer to add a dresser to the living room rather than only in the bedroom. 

Adding a dresser might come with some challenges, the biggest one is perhaps how to use a dresser in the living room. Well, there are plenty of ideas to use a dresser in the living room. You can use the following ways to incorporate a dresser into the living room.

1) TV Stand

A most common use of a dresser in the living room would be as a tv stand. If you got a big screen tv you know it’s really hard to find a suitable stand or a piece of furniture that will help carry the load of tv.

Not to forget it must suit your decor style while giving you a perfect experience with your expensive device.

So to use a dresser as a tv stand would be a good idea. As you know dressers are made to be sturdy and heavy so they won’t crumble your tv and you can rest assured of the tv safety.

Plus, using a dresser as a tv stand will help you save some money which can be used for further enhancing your tv experience.

We got a guide for tv on top of a dresser, make sure to check out.

2) Plenty of Storage Options

If you gotta a relatively small living room then you know the hustle to store everything in place. And with a dresser, you might get a little help.

A dresser in the living room will help you store everything from kids’ toys, the video games to blankets and pillows you can literally store anything in a dresser in a neat and tidy manner.

Now no need to hurdle yourself for finding things on time with the dresser in the living room.

3) End Table Alternative

Last but not least, a perfect replacement for an end table. An end table really lacks storage options, there is barely room for anything. And with a dresser, you can store anything.

Plus, you got plenty of styles from modern, and classic to industrial you can get various styles ad designs that will suit your living room while balancing the need for a dresser and end table

How do you decorate a living room dresser?

If you are getting a dresser for your living room then you might want to decorate it in a certain way compared to the bedroom. There are various ideas to decorate your living room dresser.

Below we have some ideas you can take inspiration to decorate the dresser.

1. Vases

Simplicity is the best policy. A vase is a perfect idea for your dresser in the living room. You can use various vases with the color combination in your living room.  Or you can sort it by size.

Adding flowers would make it just the perfect decoration. Just make sure to make it simple and special.

2. Small Plants

A vase with colorful flowers or beautiful small plants will add up to your living room. In fact, nowadays many people prefer plants and flowers to decorate their home, doesn’t matter whether real or fake the greenery will help elevate your mood.

3. Lamps

A lamp is a good idea if you want something lightish in your living room. Adding a small lamp to the top of the dresser is a good idea if you need some lighting in your living room.

4. Scented Candles

If you like the sweet aroma of beautiful candles then a candle on the dresser would be a good idea. Many homeowners love the aroma of different candles if you are one of them then get yourself a sweet-smelling candle.

Can You Use a Dresser As A Buffet?

Yes, you can use a dresser as a buffet.  

A buffet also called a sideboard is a piece of furniture used in the living room for serving dishes and for storage. Though a buffet is traditionally used furniture in the living room you can switch to a dresser which provides more space and storage options.

For a look that you need similar to a buffet, you might need a dresser similar to a buffet. Make sure you find a perfect dresser that fills the need for a buffet and matches your living room decor.

What do you call a dresser in the living room?

A dresser in the living room is called “Media Chest”.

Both media chest and dresser are similar pieces of furniture but a chest comes with an open shelf for storing cable boxes. Similar to a dresser a chest provides drawers and cabinets for storing clothing and other accessories.

Typically wide and tall unlike dressers you can put a tv on top of it. But you need to place it properly or else it will crumble. And you can use a media chest in both the living room and bedroom.

Can a chest of drawers be used in a living room?

You can use a chest of drawers in the living room. Many don’t know like a dresser, a chest can be a perfect fit for your living room. A modern chest of drawers for a modern living room would be a perfect fit.

With gorgeous designs and styles, a chest can be a good match for your decor and furniture.

Wrapping up on Can you put a Dresser in the Living Room?

A dresser is not only perfect for the bedroom but the living room as well. With a dresser in the living room, you can get creative and apply various decor ideas to decorate it.

And not to forget you can get everything in place with a dresser storage option. From now on no need to look around for things again.

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