5 Difference Between Wardrobe Vs Dresser (What’s BEST For ME)


Decorating your bedroom needs a whole lot of brainstorming than coming up with those decor ideas.

You need to find an item of perfect furniture that won’t take up all your space but still be useful in managing all those clothes and stuff.

And not to forget it must suit your decor style as well. So when we talk about storage furniture for the bedroom the two things that come to our mind are Wardrobe and Closet Dresser.

If you are one of those few people who have a relatively small bedroom & closet and struggle with storage space then this guide on dresser vs wardrobe will help to find a suitable piece of furniture for yourself.

What is Wardrobe?

According to Wikipedia, A wardrobe is a standing closet used for storing clothes. The wardrobe is a large cupboard which helps in hanging clothes.

You can place clothes in drawers or wardrobes or just hang them. As wardrobes are big they provide more storage options than dressers.

What is Dresser?

A Dresser is a piece of furniture that has sliding drawers which are useful for storing clothes and other valuables.

Dressers are available in a wide range such as Horizontal Dresser, Tall Dresser, Modern Dresser, Dresser for small Spaces, and so on. You can even find dressers in different styles and colors like White, Black, Rustic, etc.

Wardrobe VS Dresser

What is the difference between Wardrobe vs Dresser?

A Dresser is a piece of furniture that consists of sliding drawers available in horizontal and vertical forms. Whereas, a Wardrobe is a storage solution that has a drawer and special space for hanging clothes. Both dresser and wardrobe differ in many ways.

So now you know what is the difference between a dresser and a wardrobe, now let’s take a look at which is best for you.

Before jumping to the conclusion you need to ask yourself these questions.

1) Do you have Space & Height?

A wardrobe is best if you have a huge bedroom or big enough to accommodate one. As the wardrobes are huge it takes more space because of their height. On the other hand, if your bedroom doesn’t have enough height or it has lower ceilings you might want to consider choosing a wardrobe.

Though Tall Furniture takes more space they have massive storage options you can enjoy, organizing your stuff. For a smaller bedroom or space, it is recommended to go with a dresser.

2) Do you want to hang things?

Wardrobes and dressers differ in many ways but the most important difference is the option to hang clothes instead of just folding them. A dresser only has drawers that will allow you to place clothes while folding them. On the other hand, the wardrobe has drawers and an area where you can hang your clothes.

You can take consider this point when you are looking for Closet Dresser or want to decorate your guest room.

3) Does it Match your Decor?

One of the important things to consider for your room is your decor style. There are many wardrobes and dresser options available that will suit your style perfectly.

It would be wise to look for a perfect item that will fit into the assigned space while matching the home style. A dresser is great if you just want to decorate your room while having sufficient storage options. And if your focus is on storage space with minimal floor space then a wardrobe is a perfect choice.

Conclusion On Dresser Vs Wardrobe

So you must have got a pretty good idea of the difference between Wardrobe Vs Dresser. The best option for your bedroom comes down to your availability of space and storage needs.

But if you’re still confused then for a small room you can opt for a dresser that has to provide less storage but in a tiny space. Whereas, a wardrobe will be best for big storage needs.

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