What To Put In Closet Vs Dresser (5 Things You MUST Know)

What To Put In Closet Vs Dresser? 5 KEY Things You Must Know

Closets and Dresser are two of the Storage options available at home. A dresser is best for the bedroom whereas the closet is used as a prime storage option.

Though both are for storing items they differ in many ways. One provides more space for large items whereas another one is perfect for foldable clothes & small valuables.

With two storage options available you must be wondering what to put in the closet vs dresser? So to get a clear idea of dresser vs closet read through the article.

What To Put In Closet Vs Dresser

A Dresser is good for putting foldable clothes, jewelry, and other small accessories. And a closet can be used for hanging clothes such as dresses, suits, and jackets.

Both closets and dressers are useful in their way and can help organize things. To find out which one is perfect for you check out these four features.

1. Store Expensive Clothing In The Closet

If you keep all your clothing in your dresser then you might want to rearrange them. Your valuable clothing should be placed in the closet rather than the dresser.

Expensive apparel such as dresses and suits requires more space and care and you don’t want to get it ruined. Hang it on a hanger and place it in the closet.

2. How Often You Use

How frequently do you use some clothes? A regular shirt doesn’t need to get in the closet it should be placed on the dresser. On the other hand, your favorite apparel would go in a closet that will keep it crease-free for your next party.

Just follow these general rules of thumb anything that’s inexpensive and doesn’t require much attention for everyday use should go in the dresser. And your premium clothing in the closet for better preserving.

3. Foldable Clothes Must Be In Desser

A dresser is best for foldable clothes and items. Whereas the closet can be used to hang clothes. Dresser comes with drawers that are best for foldable items. As drawers are short you can easily place anything from T-shirts to pajamas.

A closet is a perfect option for hanging clothes that don’t require folding. Your party and office apparel should go in the closet. Apparel such as suits and jackets should be placed in the closet.

4. Closet For Large Items

A Closet is perfect for big clothing items. A closet will help keep your clothes tidy without running them.

If you keep things such as a jacket and suit in your dresser then you want to remove those and placed them in the closet as it provides more space.

Dresser is generally for bedroom essentials and everyday clothing so you need to put on pajamas and a t-shirt rather than a suit and dress.

What to put in each dresser drawer?

Generally, Dresser comes with 3 or more drawers and can go up to 10 drawers, so it’s totally up to you what to put in each dresser drawer. There are different types of dressers available from couples dressers to closet dressers.

Plus, the dresser comes in various colors like the white dresser, black dresser, wood dresser, etc. So you have plenty of dresser options available.

Usually, everyone has a wide range of clothing available from jeans to trousers and a shirt to a jacket. You must assign every pair of clothing in separate drawers.

To keep things simple, you can put upper apparel like t-shirts, shirts, and jackets on the top drawers and bottom wear such as jeans, pants, and trousers on the bottom drawers.

Should you put dressers in closets?

The answer is Yes, you can put a dresser in the closet. There are many best dressers for a closet that can be a perfect addition to your bedroom.

Though you can place a dresser in the closet you must check certain things like the shape and size of the dresser. You need something that can perfectly fit without taking up much space.

What to put in a dresser besides clothes?

Though a dresser is mainly used for storing clothes you can use a dresser for storing bedroom essentials, jewelry, and other valuables. Other items such as candles, nursery stuff, paper products, etc can also be put in a dresser.

You can even decorate the top of the dresser with lamps and books to provide a stylish look to your bedroom.

There are many small room dressers available if you have a tiny apartment.

How Much Do Dressers Cost

Dressers come in various styles, designs, and price ranges. You can choose a dresser from anywhere between $200 to $500. There are cheaper ones that will fit right into your budget and bedroom. With plenty of options available you can choose the most appealing one for you.

Conclusion on What To Put In Dresser vs Closet

To stay organized you can use both a closet and a dresser. Just make sure you don’t ruin your clothes while storing them.

You can use a dresser to store clothes and accessories, as it provides many drawers option that is best for foldable items. A closet can be used to hang clothes that don’t require folding and save time.

Hope you have got an answer for What to put in the closet vs dresser.

FAQ On Dresser vs Closet

1. What’s better a dresser or a closet?

If you have small spaces and want something that will fit in without taking extra space then go with a dresser, else you can choose a wardrobe.
A dresser is perfect for foldable clothes and valuables whereas a wardrobe can be used for jackets and suits.

2. Should I put my dresser in my closet?

You can put the dresser in your closet if you need to save extra space. Many people put their dresser in a closet which helps them maximize their bedroom.

3. What clothes should be stored in a dresser?

You can store anything in your dresser from pajamas to jeans, but a perfect way to maximize your dresser is to store your everyday outfits. You can split dresser drawers for different clothes.

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