What Type of Dresser Goes With a Metal Bed

What Type of Dresser Goes with a Metal Bed? Is it a wooden dresser? or a white dresser? There is plenty of option that will fit perfectly with your metal bed.

If you have a metal bed it can be a bit tricky to find a dresser that will not only match your iron bed but will also blend in with your bedroom. From a Modern Dresser to an Industrial Dresser you have tons of options available.

So, what type of dresser goes with a metal bed? In your opinion, the rustic dressers are the most suitable for metal beds. The rustic dresser provides a simple yet stylish look with great functionality. And the best thing is the dressers really blend with any kind of decor style, which makes them suitable for any bedroom decor and bed frame.

If you still need more dresser ideas for your metal bed, then keep reading and find the most suitable one.

Types of Dresser that will match your Metal Bed

There are many types of dressers available that go well with any kind of decor and beds frame. Whether you have a metal bed or a nice upholstered bed these dressers are sure to be a hit.

Mid-Century Modern Dressers

For a simple yet stunning dresser’s idea, you can go with a Mid-Century Modern Dresser. The Mid-Century Modern Dresser provides an excellent decor style to your bedroom with its stylish and functional design. The dressers are built to fit in every home style while providing an aesthetic visual to your bedroom.

Organic Modern Dressers

An organic modern dresser provides a natural wood detailed look. The dresser comes in various styles and colors. With organic modern dressers, you can easily decorate your iron beds in style.

Rustic Dressers

As we mentioned, the Rustic dresser will really go well with iron beds. Having a minimalist visual the rustic dressers are designed to fit in every decor style. You can place books and plants on the top of the dresser to decorate it. The rustic dresser can be available in white, black, and wooden colors.

Contemporary Dresser

Contemporary dressers are perfect if you want a modern look in your bedroom. The simple yet elegant design of a dresser provides a minimalist look. You can find many styles and colors option such as brown, white, gray, and more, that will perfectly go with the metal beds.

Industrial Dressers

The industrial dresser gives a dark and harsh look that will suit your iron beds.  The dark and harsh colors and design is suitable if you have a light decor style. If you want to match your iron bed with the dresser you can install additional drawer pulls. 


We Believe that you got an idea of what type of dresser goes with a metal bed. As there are many dressers options available for your iron beds, we recommend also taking decor and home style into consideration before making a purchase.

You can even brainstorm your own ideas to come up with the perfect dresser for your iron bed. Just make sure you find the perfect dresser that will blend with your bedroom and your metal bed.

What type of dresser goes with a black metal bed?

For a black metal bed, try to add a white dresser or a nightstand. Make sure the dresser or a nightstand fits into bedroom style.

Does your dresser have to match your bed?

You don’t need to match the dresser with your bed. You can opt for different colors or styles for your bedroom. Try a dresser with the opposite color of your bedroom that will suit the style.

How do you style an iron bed?

Try to hang matching curtains, add a piece of furniture like a dresser or nightstand to complement the decor style.

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