Where To put Dresser in the bedroom (5 Perfect Places)

Have you been wondering where to put dresser in the bedroom? Whether it should be on the bed’s side or next to the bed where you can have access easily.

Well, there are plenty of options available where you can put a dresser in the bedroom. 

If you want your bedroom to be perfect then you must align everything in place. With everything in place, you can enjoy a spacious room without worrying about storage options.

So, Where to put a dresser in the bedroom?

The Perfect Place you can put a dresser in the bedroom is in the closet, beside the bed, between the bed and window, or just in the corner of a room. Wherever you place a dresser make sure it fits perfectly without taking much and you can access it easily.

Find out more below on where to place the dresser and how to decorate it.

Where To Put Dresser in the Bedroom

where to put dresser in bedroom

As we all know how important a dresser is for your bedroom and one must have a dresser that will help keep bedroom storage free.

But the real challenge is where to place a dresser in the bedroom for maximizing space. Below we have mentioned some perfect options where you can put your dresser and enjoy a big bedroom.

1. In Closet

Perhaps the best place to put your dresser is in the bedroom closet. In fact, there are many special closet dressers that fit right into the closet without taking up much space.

If you want to enjoy mess free bedroom and maximize the space consider placing a dresser in the closet.

With the dresser in the closet, you will have plenty of space for other furniture that will help you with other chores.

2. Beside Bed

Another place you can have the dresser is at the bedside. Many prefer to put the dresser right beside the bed so that you can easily access the dresser. Plus, just steps away there will be no need for you to get up for things every now and then.

The dresser at the bedside can help in creating more space for your bedroom and you can even decorate the top of the dresser with lamps and your favorite books.

If you are a couple or have two people dresser sharing the same dresser, then the bedside is the best place to put your dresser.

3. Corner of a Room

If you don’t have a closet or neither space at the bedside then you can consider placing a dresser in the corner of a bedroom. No matter if you have a small or big bedroom, a corner of a room would be a perfect idea to put the dresser.

For maximizing the space you must always choose the least used place to put furniture and in our case, it’s the corner of the bedroom. If you won’t be moving the dresser much and need to adjust it in one place consider putting the dresser in the corner by a window.

4. Between A Window And a Bed

If you got a window right next to your bed then you have found the best place for placing a dresser. A dresser will help elevate your bedroom look. By using lamps or plants you can decorate your dresser that will only create a good mood.

Plus, your bedroom will look much nicer and mess-free with a dresser at the side of the bed.

5. At the Spot of Nightstand

You can also consider ditching your nightstand and placing the dresser on the spot. A dresser is way more useful compared to a nightstand in terms of both storage and look.  And not to forget it just will be arm reach from the bed.

You can even store and decorate the top of the dresser with your belongings. For a bedroom that doesn’t offer much space ditching the nightstand with a dresser is a good idea.

Where to put Dresser in Small Bedroom?

As we discuss there is plenty of space where you can place your dresser. But if you got a relatively small Bedroom then you need to think twice before getting an item of furniture.

So, where to put the dresser in the small bedroom? You can consider the following option for placing a dresser.

  • In Bedroom Closet
  • At Bedside
  • Corner of a Bedroom

Do You Need A Dresser In Your Bedroom?

Though it’s not a necessity to have a dresser, it is always recommended to at least have one dresser in the bedroom for storing clothes and valuables. Many people prefer to have a closet, wardrobe, or moveable rack instead of a dresser.

While you can choose another piece of furniture for your bedroom a dresser is always the best option as it fits right into a small space and provides plenty of storage space. If you don’t want a dresser you can always go with the alternative.

Space-saving alternatives to dressers

No need to panic if don’t have a dresser in the bedroom there many other alternatives for dressers. Consider having one of the below-mentioned alternatives:

  • Armoire
  • Closet
  • Wardrobe

These are the best alternative for a dresser that you have in the bedroom.

How much space should be between a bed and a dresser?

If you want to place your dresser beside the bed then make sure there is at least a space of three feet or more. It is wise to keep as much space as possible between a bed and a dresser. So that you can have free space to move without colliding with the dresser.

Conclusion on Where to put a Dresser in the Bedroom

Now you must have got a good idea where to put a dresser in the bedroom. Besides the bed, a dresser is what a bedroom must have and you must place it where you can easily access it without taking up much space.

Consider using the above-mentioned place to put your dresser and enjoy a large and spacious bedroom.

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